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Re: 300mm PF - TCs links

Montanawildlives wrote:

chambeshi wrote:

There have been several threads over past year on precisely this and related questions:

Check out:



I ran some comparisons for own priorities, shared here:


I have used the 300 PF on my Z7 for over a year. Excellent combo in haptics, AF, and not least IQ, all the any applications it has become justifiably infamous for. This includes both TC17 II and TC14 III .

Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts thus far. No doubt this has been discussed to death, and the links to the other threads were helpful and interesting.

I went back to some of my test shots of the 1.4 tc used with my 300mm pf on the d500 (VR off, locked on tripod, etc., both shot one stop down from wide open, ISO 100). Here's a screenshot (not the best way to present these, but at least you can see the pics side by side).

On the right is the shot with the teleconverter, viewed at 100%. On the left is the shot without the teleconverter, viewed at 140% (I also tried these at 50%/70%, 200%/280%, and 300%/420%, and the effect is the same to my eyes).

I am seeing something kind of weird in these pics. Look at the squiggly lines under the word "Treasurer". The shorter type of squiggle looks like mush in the shot without the teleconverter, whereas with the teleconverter you can clearly see that there is a circle within a circle there.

BUT, and I don't know how this could be true, there still appears to be SOMETHING sharper about the picture without the TC. Look at the word "Treasurer, for example, or the numbers on the resolution grid under the dollar bill. It looks to my eyes like there is some thin film over the TC image. Am I crazy?

So, is this...lack of clarity...lack of contrast...something else that can be "fixed" in lightroom or photoshop to get the increased detail of the TC shot (evident by the squiggly line with the circle inside the circle) as well as the clarity (for lack of a better word) from the non-TC shot?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I think you'll find opposite results if the test is preformed at a small, very distant subject. I've found TC's to be beneficial if you can fill the frame with the subject, relatively close use. For whatever reason, longer shots tend to degrade faster with a TC (in my opinion). I've stopped using them for that reason.

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