Fuji 23mm f2 Astrophotography

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Re: Fuji 23mm f2 Astrophotography

Yannis1976 wrote:

Fantastic! Care to share how you pp the shots? I am really curious to see how is the shot from camera and how it ends up after pp. My Astro efforts were both bad before and after pp 🙂🙂

Thanks, Yannis. It does take some time to learn the pp aspect. And that is really where the stars come out more. I'm certainly no expert, though I've learned techniques mainly through trial and error. There are a number of really good sites with detailed steps which I've gleaned from. Lonelyspeck is a good among others:

How to Post Process Milky Way Astrophotography

My basic steps are:

1. Shoot RAW and convert in favorite converter. I like Capture One for Fuji (free). Try to get a good white balance here with some other basic adjustments.

2. Take into Photoshop to pull out the stars and adjust mainly with curves, levels.

3. Focus on different parts of the image (sky, milkyway, foreground) in separate layers, then combine.

4. If noise reduction is needed, use another program for that.

Here one example right after RAW conversion and the second after pp in PS. Note, that I had underexposed it too much (ISO 2000). But Fuji has pretty good ISO invariance which helps.

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