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Re: Pentax K-70 vs KP

I've moved from K-x > K-30 > K-3 > KP.

I use the KP much more than the K-3. Yes, the K-3 is more of a professional camera, but it is heavier, and the KP does much better in low light / high ISO.

Comparing the KP to a K-70...

  • I would prefer the twist/tilt screen of the K-70 than the tilt only of KP, but it's not been a big deal.
  • The only grip that feels good on the KP to me is the large, and I am happy with it.

Three things for me are the biggest differences and why I got a (used) KP instead of the K-70.

  • Image stabilization: K-3 and K-70 have SR. KP has SR II, and it definitely helps.
  • High ISO / low light shooting: According to specs: K-3: 51200; K-70: 102400; KP: 819200. I don't use the max ISO ever, but on the K-3, I was happy up to 1250 or so. With the KP, I'm good up to 3200.
  • Sensor cleaning: This may not seem like a big deal, but I was always needing to clean the sensor on my K-30 which uses the sensor-shake cleaning just as the K-70 does. The K-3 and KP use Ultrasonic DR II which is a tremendous help.
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