Cheap lens for the gh5 autofocus features

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Re: Cheap lens for the gh5 autofocus features

GH5 a great video camera? I don't know, I don't shoot video. But here on DpReview they mostly use it for the reviews... And seems that quite many tv-stations and tv-journalists use it now for the camera on the field. Good enough, I suppose.

But for the lens: check the used ones. And the 14-150 (about) versions are not that expensive as new either. They are not with the best IQ of the bunch, but video is not as demanding as still photos are for that. I think both Oly and Pana versions are even weather sealed now. Here in Finland they go around 500-600 € new. With GH5 I'd go with the Pana 14-140mm for dual IS.

I tried the first version of that lens years ago, with some reservations on my mind. But it was not bad, not bad at all. Did not buy it, because it was too slow for my needs, but it had a very nice output.


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