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jthomas39 wrote:

Quick access to selected settings via My Menu

There's some menu selections that I have trouble finding. I'm looking for them in the wrong section. (If I use it enough I finally remember where they are.)

I added these to my "My Menu" selections, along with some others that I occasionally change while out shooting. Then I set the red video recording button to be My Menu. (Set control buttons in Custom Setting --> f Controls.)

It's convenient to have this list of around a dozen settings that I change in certain situations. I've got low light settings, battery status, wifi/airplane mode, etc, in here.

I also like having quick access to my menu but did not want to lose a button assigned for it.

Easy solution - the camera remembers the top level menu that you were in last and goes there the next time you hit the menu button, so what I do before a session is I simply go into my menu and voila, any time I hit the menu button it goes into my menu. If I need to menu dive during a session I always finish by going into my menu in order to have it accessible via the menu button, I don't even think about it anymore, I just do it instinctively. Not the best solution but works well for me because I have the camera set up so I hardly need to menu dive during a shoot, and thus don't lose some other button for it, I just use the menu button itself.

I usually like to set the movie rec button for metering or bracketing.

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