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Re: followup 11 months later

James Pilcher wrote:

Hi All,

I started this thread 11 months ago when I acquired my very first phone with a serious camera module. My previous iPhone 6 did not qualify as such.

Sadly, my X70 sees less and less use, even compared to a year ago. I keep the battery charged, and my complete kit (camera, battery, protective filter, lens hood, Peak Design strap, charger and cable) in a ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 5 bag. And that's the problem for my X70: I keep it in the bag.

I now have the iPhone 11 Pro. They just get better with each generation.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA
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Hi Jim...

I completely agree with your comments.

Until this year I would never have even considered using my camera phone over a small compact with at least a 1" sensor.

Then somebody showed me the pics on his Huawei P30 Pr0..they were fantastic.

O now own the P30 Pro myself. Don't get me wrong I wont be selling my Sony RX100mk3 but it gets less use now as the P30 is always with me so much more convenient.

I recently returned to the Fuji fold by way of a X-E3 and X-T3 and of course they will blow the P30 out of the water.

However I briefly looked at getting a used X70 but the prices have climbed to approx £500 for one in excellent condition.

Having the P30 stopped me from hitting the buy it now button.

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Kind regards,

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