Does anyone have a profile for Epson PPM on Canon Pro-1000?

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Re: Does anyone have a profile for Epson PPM on Canon Pro-1000?

Marie Meyer wrote:

Would any of you kind souls have a profile for Epson Presentation Paper Matter for the Canon Pro-1000 and be able to share it with me?


I don't have a Canon 1000 profile for that paper which I used extensively with several large format Epson printers. It performed much better than its reputation said it would. I never got the yellowing that many insisted always happened. I have many prints that are more than 10 years old and look as good as when they were printed.

It's not as good a substrate as Epson Hot Press (Bright or Natural) but it's not too shabby.

I could generate a profile for you, using an X-Rite i1Studio spectrometer.

The process with the i1Studio is a two-pass which would involve sending you a TIF to send to your printer, then you would need to mail me that print. After reading that, I would send you another TIF to print. You would mail that print and and I would then send you the completed profile.

It might be worthwhile to try using some other profiles of other matte stocks with the Presentation Matte. Compare the results to prints that you get on a some good matte stock through its correct profile. If you get pleasing results using some other profile it might not be worth it to go any further.

PM me if you want to pursue a profile.


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