Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

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Re: Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

Suave wrote:

Belgarchi wrote:

Oooh… all idiots except you I suppose?

I did not say anything of the sort. Having an opinion and buying a camera based on it does not make one an idiot.

You defined opinions as:

'Does the remainining renumeration of fetishes, superstitions, and other closely held opinions really help anyone? Jimmy won't touch anything without IBIS, Billy thinks that it ain't a sensor if it's not at least 40MP, Alex says he needs 4k RAW, because, Mikey says it has to feel right in his hands, and so on, and so forth.'

I think that most opinions in this forum are a little bit more intelligent and useful than that.

Except listing the price of cameras, not very very useful indeed, can be found in seconds on many merchants web site.

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