The fragility of 12-40 Pro is grossly exaggerated?

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Re: Why the UV filter?

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Well. maybe I was a bit lucky but today after dropping my 12-40 for the third time (I'm not that clumsy or Alzheimer etc.) I recall the initial horror stories and reports of broken bayonets.

I bought it brand new in 2015 and the first time I dropped it was with OM-D E-M10 from about 1 meter high onto a concrete, back at DTM race in 2017 - while I was praying and calculating the cost of repair my son has lifted it from the ground and said - Dad, it works! And indeed it was! Next time I dropped it in an hotel in Italy 2018 but the floor was carprted and I'm in doubt whether it counts. After that I was babying it with extra care thinking if it survived a couple of drops it could vomit all the lenses onto the pavement the next time but somehow I forgot to zip the bag and today it was dropped (with OM-D E-M1) onto a tile floor from about 1.2 meter high - I heard the crack and I was thinking this is it, goodbye camera and lens, BUT apart from bended and cracked bomb-proof 2mm thick Soviet UV filter (see pic) there was NOTHING! Both camera and lens are working as they should and there ain't no strange noises and/or behavior. Just changed the cracked UV filter and went shooting the very same day.

Sorry for the IQ, but it has been made with outdated smartphone but I hope you can see clearly the bended rim and and a cracked glass of UV filter


Has anyone experienced similar miracles or your 12-40 went to trash or costly repairs with cracked bayonets?

Film is UV sensitive, sensors are not. The OM-D E-M10 has a sensor. All it is for you is a weak ND filter.

Mostly correct. CMOS sensors are actually UV sensitive but most cameras have fairly strong UV filter built into the sensor glass. The classic example of this in the m43 world is the 7-14 f/4, where Olympus has weaker UV filtering at the sensor than Panasonic which ends up resulting in the dread purple blobs when you use that lens with an Olympus body.

...and that's what I suffer from my sarcastic comment. I've scrubbed more purple out of pictures taken with my 4-14 4 and my E-M5 II than there is purple in French vineyards.

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