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I'm new to Z and getting ready for a trip and trying to get my new_to_me Z7 setup for some different shooting situations. I'm a long time Olympus user from the 4/3rds days and shot with a D750 for a while but when using that didn't have much time to devote to learning all the ins and outs. Hoping to use the new Z a bit more.

Is there a way to Upload/Download settings from PC or iDevice? What about actually being able to go through all the menu settings and make selections from the PC?

Is there an exploded view in a spreadsheet where you could mark things up and take notes?

How many shooting situations do you need?

Not looking for more than the 3 sets of settings that the camera offers... just looking for ways to organize and remember and learn about options that isn't poking through menus.

The ol'pen and paper you can use the manual and then list common options for all, and differences between U1, 2 and 3 on paper, then go into the camera and start to make the selections and save each one...? I think that's how I did it, using Thom's manual...

Also remember that you can actually save 4 groups of settings: U1, 2, 3 and the MASP (collectively). The camera remembers the settings in the MASP group just like one of the U modes.

Note not all settings can be saved to a U mode, and some cannot be changed once saved, i.e. if you set U1 to Aperture mode, you can't change it to Manual after and re-save (within U1 mode), you would need to overwrite by leaving U1 and going into Manual in the MASP area, copy the other settings over then save them all back to U1. Bit of a pain.

If there is something you shoot using more than one mode, say sometimes in Aperture mode sometimes in Manual mode, I would save those settings to the MASP group, so you can change modes as needed, OR you can save those settings twice, using up two U modes, one for them in Manual, and one for them in Aperture, so a quick swap between U1 and U2 would do the same as between M and A. Some save the same settings with and without something like flash or bracketing turned on, to save time swapping between the two. Get creative.

You can also save different i menu options and control button assignments between MASP and the U modes, but items in the my menu remain the same for all.

Know that when you are saving something to a U mode under Aperture mode, the camera also remembers the aperture of the lens at the moment you save it, so save whichever aperture you want to have as a starting point (if you always shoot wide open, don't save while in f8 - you'll go nuts). I believe this also applies to shutter speed and possibly iso if saving a Manual mode, or shutter in S mode, don't recall.

Other settings, like single vs burst mode, cannot be saved at all and will reset on shutdown I believe (someone correct me if wrong).

Aside from the couple of nuances described above, there is a lot of flexibility and convenience between MASP and the 3 U modes, once you learn what can and cannot be saved, and plan accordingly.

Remember that in the custom settings menus, the camera adds an asterisks next to each line item that has been changed from default, so if you forget whether or not you changed something, look for that asterisks.

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