comparing two Night images, different results...

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comparing two Night images, different results...

I was taking few photos this evening to test my camera and LEARN, I first shot this image:

Manual, iso: 800, shutter 1/30, Aperture: F2.8 on tripod

If you look at the buildings they are rather Soft and Muddy looking !...

Then I took 3 more photos, Auto Mode, Auto Night Mode and Manual Long Exposure
and they all look much better !...

iso: 80 only, shutter 1.5 sec, Aperture F5.6 on tripod

You can immediately notice in the two above the buildings are MUCH sharper and overall image looks way better (excluding the people) than the first image taken !

Lastly this was taking with 4 sec shutter and Aperture F 7.1 (shutter priority mode just like the others)...

While certainly it does look sharp, but not as sharp as the other two images @ F5.6, maybe 4 sec is just too long or F 7.1 is too much or the tripod was dancing ! who knows and who cares !...

I took many other images that night (handheld, Shutter 1/30 or 1/40, Aperture F2.8 - F3.2) and i cant really say am impressed by many/most of them)

My question here, what made the first image soft and muddy and the rest super sharp ? I assume is it the aperture ?

A side question, does it help closing the aperture (F 4 - 5.6) in Videos to take sharper crisp videos or not really the case in videos ?


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