The fragility of 12-40 Pro is grossly exaggerated?

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Why the UV filter?

Sergey Martyn wrote:

Well. maybe I was a bit lucky but today after dropping my 12-40 for the third time (I'm not that clumsy or Alzheimer etc.) I recall the initial horror stories and reports of broken bayonets.

I bought it brand new in 2015 and the first time I dropped it was with OM-D E-M10 from about 1 meter high onto a concrete, back at DTM race in 2017 - while I was praying and calculating the cost of repair my son has lifted it from the ground and said - Dad, it works! And indeed it was! Next time I dropped it in an hotel in Italy 2018 but the floor was carprted and I'm in doubt whether it counts. After that I was babying it with extra care thinking if it survived a couple of drops it could vomit all the lenses onto the pavement the next time but somehow I forgot to zip the bag and today it was dropped (with OM-D E-M1) onto a tile floor from about 1.2 meter high - I heard the crack and I was thinking this is it, goodbye camera and lens, BUT apart from bended and cracked bomb-proof 2mm thick Soviet UV filter (see pic) there was NOTHING! Both camera and lens are working as they should and there ain't no strange noises and/or behavior. Just changed the cracked UV filter and went shooting the very same day.

Sorry for the IQ, but it has been made with outdated smartphone but I hope you can see clearly the bended rim and and a cracked glass of UV filter


Has anyone experienced similar miracles or your 12-40 went to trash or costly repairs with cracked bayonets?

Film is UV sensitive, sensors are not. The OM-D E-M10 has a sensor. All it is for you is a weak ND filter.

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