Will I loose photo if I turn off sony a7iii while the card is saving the photo to the camera?

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Re: Will I loose photo if I turn off sony a7iii while the card is saving the photo to the camera?

Digital Nigel wrote:

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

I'm not sure, truth be told.

This is probably true if you turn off the monitor and leave only the EVF on.

Note that the EVF is more power-hungry than the rear monitor.

Yes, but if you don't raise the camera to your eye, the EVF goes off. So in this case both LCD and EVF are off. With the A7 you don't have live with with tethering, but once you set it up, you don't need any visual, beside the image you take. If anything needs to be adjusted, you quickly turn on the LCD, do your thing and let it go off again.

Otherwise turning off the camera is probably still the best option.

I've been scanning prints with my A7 lately, and didn't turn off the camera since I was tethering. I went through two batteries in very short time, until I turned the monitor off when I inserted my third (and last) battery. That made a huge difference in battery life.

Compared to this experience, turning the camera off gave me more shots in the same amount of time (and with considerably much less battery use) by a big margin.

Although it's mot something I'd normally do, I just tried filling the camera buffer and turning the camera off. The rear red light stayed on for a few seconds, and when I turned the camera on, all the shots appeared to have been safely saved.

Yes, I tried myself (with both A7 and A7III), and I didn't lose any frame. I think it's safe to say that turning the camera off doesn't have an effect on what the camera is doing, until the camera is done doing it.

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