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Re: Z7 with 300mm pf / tc14

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dspoel wrote:

The TC will obviously give some image degradation in return for more reach. I often use it with DX mode. I would say that it is better to use the TC than to crop since in particular with small birds it may be difficult to come close enough.

Sorry, err, what? Whether you crop and then upscale by 1.4x, or use a TC 14, means the exact thing as far as the distance from the bird is concerned. The real question here is whether one yields better results than the other.

The difference is between optical zooming with some image degradation due to extra lenses or digital zooming which reduces the number of pixels. Printed on the same size paper either the one or the other may give you a better image. It could well be that the results are very similar as your tests suggest, my point was that at long distance there may not be a lot of pixels to scale. For small birds I often have less than 1000x1000 pixels left even at 420 mm, my gut feeling is that this will give me a better image than upscaling 700x700 pixels to the same size.

True and valid. If you have less than 1,000 pixels left, however, I'd argue that you don't have much of an image, anyway. An FF body with a 300mm lens just isn't the right tool for small birds unless you can get quite close, which is rare.

IMO, a Z50 with the 300mm PF, ideally with the 500mm PF, would be a much better tool for the job if it had better dynamic and low-light AF performance.

Oh, I just realize that kind of body also exists. Nikon calls it the D500.

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