Zeiss 55 1.8 aperture noise new vs used lens?

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Zeiss 55 1.8 aperture noise new vs used lens?

I know that this lens is known to have a noisy aperture, specifically when stopped down and used in AF-S mode, it will open the aperture to let more light in when focusing, this causes significant noise compared to other models. So while I know that a noise is normal, this is about the difference in the noise between two copies.

I recently got a used copy off Amazon, from the sticker it is an Asia market copy, and then later I found a new European market copy on ebay for $50 less with a 1 year warranty. Naturally I ordered that one and will return the used one.

However I notice that the new European one is slightly louder.

The difference is barely noticeable to the ear, but more so when viewing the audio waveform.

Here is a link to the audio; the first, third and fifth actuations are the old lens and the second, fourth and sixth are the new one. It was recorded at a distance of 60mm from the mic and has noise reduction applied to isolate the lens sound. The aperture was set at f22, and the camera was pointed at an object a few inches away while depressing the AF button, as this combination seems to maximize the noise.


My question is: should I not be worried that the new one is louder (are all new lenses louder, and it will quiet down with time), or might there be something wrong with the new one?

I would think that Zeiss should be high quality and therefore very similar in characteristics between copies. That would lead me to believe that it just takes a while to break in the components, however I also do not know the shuttercount of the used copy I am comparing it to.

I just dont want to get stuck with a bad lens.

Thanks very much!

audio file mirror: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aYBvLxYvscXgSw3YbKzs4xht-sgvp9wy

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