Camera for vlogging dilemma: Sony a5100 18-105 f4 vs Canon M50 18-135 3.5/5.6

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Camera for vlogging dilemma: Sony a5100 18-105 f4 vs Canon M50 18-135 3.5/5.6

Hi all!

I want to vlog and I am choosing my first camera. My budget is limited. I want a good camera and GOOD lenses! I think the lenses are more important than the camera so let me explain my problem:

I want to focus on video, so photography is welcome, but it's secondary. I am buying used equipment, it's cheaper.

I want the sony a5100 or Canon M50 because of the flip out screen that I can rotate to see myself. Other sonys and canos in this price range don't have it. For me its a must.

Sony a5100 is obviously cheaper than the M50 but... no 4k and NO MIC JACK! So it actually increases the cost of the camera because I must get a Zoom H1n recorder and a shotgun mic that both will cost me around 140 pounds. That's 200 pounds for the used body + 140 for the sound so make it 350-ish for the sony setup.

M50: 380 quid for used body, but no need for extra recorder, so only the mic, that's 50 quid extra. make it 450-ish. M50 is 4k (but no auto focus in 4K i think) it over heats less, the touch screen is better, so it's a better camera! Looks like a good deal to pay 100 quid more and don't have the headache of pressing record button twice, running out of mic batteries, sync the audio in post, etc.

Now the dilemma... The lenses!

I want all-in-one lenses. I don't want to run around changing lenses etc.

Sony has the 18-105 f4 that cost around 300 quid. These lenses seem to be great! Constant aperture, nice zoom and still a good wide angle for filming myself.

Canon has the 18-135, but not constant aperture.. but its around 170 quid., making the price of both setups body + sound + lenses THE SAME! Or with some negligible 30 quid difference. Both lenses have image stabilization.

So my question is, should I prefer the inferior camera a5100 to the much better Canon m50 because of the sony f4 aperture lenses? Or Canon's f5.6 isn't too bad? Will it get dark when I zoom in at 135mm to shoot video? (will I zoom in at 135mm that much anyway?..)

I really don't know what to do here, I was 100% ready to buy Sony, but then I started to add the cost of setting up the audio and I realized the price will be pretty much the same.

As an extra, I want to buy more gear in the future, like Genie mini for time lapse, more lenses! And Sony lenses seem to be so much more expensive than Canon!..

Also, should I choose Canon or Sony family for future lenses and camera upgrades?

Thank you so much for your time and your inputs!


Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M)
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