Polarizer for 12-100mm F4

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Polarizer for 12-100mm F4

I am currently trying to decide between 5 polarizers:

- B+W XS-Pro HTC Kaesemann MRC Nano ($115 CAD)

- B+W F-Pro HTC Kaesemann MRC ($114 CAD)

- B+W F-Pro MRC ($95 CAD)

- Hoya HD ($95 CAD, third-party seller only)

- Hoya Fusion Antistatic ($170 CAD)

F-Pro are thin frames, while XS-Pro are ultra-thin for ultra-wide, up to 17mm EFL. B+W claims F-Pro are okay for 24mm EFL so they should be okay for 12-100mm F4, right? I probably don't want to get ultra-thin unless I really have to. Hoya HD is ultra-thin while Hoya Fusion Antistatic seems to have regular thin frames but some reviews complain about it being too thin so I'm not sure.

The B+W HTC Kaesemann and Hoya HD have only 1 to 1.5 stop light loss compared to 2 stops loss for the other filters. I'm not sure how much the 2/3 stop extra light is needed for 12-100mm F4 with its IS, and maybe lower shutter speed might allow for some interesting blur effects. After all I don't have any ND filter. However more light might be needed to freeze movement and it might be needed at 100mm, so I am leaning toward getting a brighter filter.

B+W Nano and Hoya Fusion Antistatic have extra coatings that promise to make them even easier to keep clean, which might be be useful if I decide to take advantage of E-M1 mk2's weather-sealing? I think maybe this is not too big a deal. The other filters are already claimed to have some water-repellent coatings.

B+W F-Pro HTC Kaesemann MRC is the one I am leaning toward, but it is only $1 cheaper than the XS-Pro Nano version. What do you guys think? Any experience with these particular filters, especially with 12-100mm F4? Thanks in advance, and sorry for yet another thread about polarizers for 12-100mm F4.

I am currently using 40.5mm Kenko Pro1D Wideband for my C-7070WZ which I bought from a local store ($25!) and I probably wouldn't have minded getting 72mm version if they were still available (especially for $25).

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