Start a new lens kit for A7R4 (from scratch)

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Start a new lens kit for A7R4 (from scratch)

I started into photography 2015 with the A6000, then quickly jumped up to A6500 and now bought the A7R4 in December, because I was always a bit disappointed about the body and its feeling.
A7R4 is great now and I also really appreciate the many small improvements Sony did in the firmware.

Now I have the problem or chance to start a complete new lens kit for FF. In the APS-C years my most used lenses were the 24 f1.8Z (35mm equiv. on FF), the Sony 16-70Z (most pictures taken at 16mm) and the Sony 10-18.
Very light weight and nice kit, perfect for travel. I probably will keep most of these lenses for travel with A7R4 (my main cause why I bought A7R4 and not A73, to get decent amount of Megapixels in APS-C mode with smaller lenses).

With the A7R4 I try to figure out again, what is the right lens kit for me, especially as FF Zooms are really heavy (just tried SEL1635GM, that already feels a bit bulky to me) and F4 is often a bit disappointing.
So I'm thinking about a more prime oriented kit. I always thought I have read enough and have enough experience that this should be an easy thing but I'm now experiencing that it is NOT.

I have just one and a half fix points yet:

- Sony 24/f1.4 GM: I bought it together with the A7R4 to get the highest cashback. Great lens, I already love it.

- Sony FE 70-300: I already had this for wildlife since a few years and it was mostly sufficient for that focal range; I don't really thing about replacing it).

Now I have the feeling that I need to fill the holes at least a bit. On the one side an ultra wide angle and on the other side something in the normal to bit wide angle area, but also after some very hard testing I can't decide which one is the right for me.

For wide angle I have two and a half candidate:

- Sony 12-24 F4 G: feels good, not lightweight, but also not to heavy. Difference between SEL 10-18 on A7R4 in APS-C mode and 12-24 is impressive, but distortion in corners with 12mm is something special and not usable always.

- Sony 16-35 F2.8 GM: already feeling heavy, but oh my good this sharpness is awesome; just have the feeling that it maybe is a bit too much for my usage. Distortion no problem.

- Voigtlaender 10mm Heliar 5.6: No experience with that and no possibility to test anywhere. Also weight is not so much below 12-24G, apperture is just 5.6 (but don't think that is too much an issue for UUWA), just think this is a bit too inflexible.

My first tought was go 10mm prime, because lowest weight and biggest angle, then I tought 12-24G because it is much more flexible, then I tried 16-35 GM and now I'm lost on this topic.
I tend a bit towards the 12-24G, but 16-35GM is so impressive that maybe loosing these 4mm is ok. On APS-C I also only had 15mm FF equiv.

What are your toughts? Maybe some good advice that gives me direction again?

For the more slight wide angle to wide normal my candidates were (I just want to buy one of these):

- Sony FE 35: feels good, nice and small, picture are ok, but also again a wide angle.

- Zeiss Batis 40 CF: Feels great in the hand, a bit bulky but light, CF makes fun, pictures are nice. AF is quiet and fast (just like on sony lenses). Already a bit more normal.

- Samyang 45/f1.8: very light and small, but feels a bit crappy, AF speed could be better and more quiet (you hear the focus motor), but still ok, image quality looks great (a big surprise), very cheap.

- Samyang 50/f1.4: Forget It. Lens feels good, weight ok, pictures look nice, bokeh is great, but the AF is too disappointing. AF really sucks also with most current firmware.

- Sony 55/f1.8: not my focal length, too tight.

At the moment I tend to go the Samyang 45 or Batis 40 route.

Hard decision. And recommendations or what are your toughts about it?

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