Do I want the D780? do I need it??

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Re: Do I want the D780? do I need it??

jfriend00 wrote:

iamraz wrote:

Should I get another D750 (have a D750 now) as a backup body (since I plan on doing lots paid work going forward)? Is the D750 going to be discontinued?

With Nikon, it's hard to tell what older products they continue to make and which they discontinue. The D750 seems to be "clearance" priced which makes you think they are clearly their world-wide inventory and then it will be gone.

Unless you need a grip or a pop-up flash, the D780 is a better camera so you can get a D780 and let your current D750 become the backup. And, if your paid work ever includes video, the D780 would be a viable option for that whereas the D750 really isn't.

If they would have kept the damn pop up flash and battery grip connectors, I would have jumped on the D780 at full MSRP, making my current D750 a backup. But no, Nikon basically said "see our new shiny DSLR? Don't buy our new D780 camera". I'm not sure what Nikon was thinking.

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