Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

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Re: Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

My favorite lenses are mostly LTM rangefinder lenses. The best body for adapting these is obviously an actual rangefinder. RF-focusing is fast after a small learning curve. The OVF has the added advantage of no EVF (or LCD) lag, no slowing down due to toggling magnification, no blackout, etc. By now, EVF + magnification feels very slow and clumsy to me.

In my case, the tool of choice is the Monochrom. Another advantage is that the interface is extremely simple and straightforward, quite unlike the maze of menus and options of some other (mostly Japanese) cameras.

Another camera I use a lot is the Fuji X-T1; it has a pretty big EVF, decent interface, etc.

I've tried Fuji's X-Txx and X-Txxx lines at stores, but found those awkward to hold and use; same goes for Olympus-cams I've held at stores.

I've used Sony's A73 and A6xxx a few times, but found the UI extremely unrefined with its mess of menus and submenus; it gave me the impression that Sony was more concerned with the spec sheet than with producing an actual camera. As can be read in this thread, others are not necessarily upset by the UI, so guess this comes down to personal preferences

For M42 & PK, a Pentax-body works well, and the UI is pretty well thought out on these cameras, they often have some very clever options and very robust build quality. Now patiently waiting for the K1 (ii) to dro further in price O and since IBIS seems to be a thing here: all Pentaxes from 2006-onwards have it.

I've had the Ricoh GXR and really have tried to like it, but it seems that I loved the concept but couldn't get along with the interface/ergonomics of this camera. Sold it.

Liked the Sigma SD10 but found the camera way too big for a tiny 1.7* crop-sensor. Great UI though, and very interesting sensor. Curious about the upcoming Foveon L-mount body. In the meantime, I can satisfy my Foveon-needs with the tiny DP2, which obviously falls outside of the scope of this forum

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