GF 45 or 32-64?

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Re: GF 45 or 32-64?

Rob de Loe wrote:

RetiredDilettante wrote:

I just got the GFX 50r with the 120 lens (used). I need to add a wider lens for landscape shooting which is my primary, along with portraits, endeavor. So I was thinking of adding the 45 mm and if need be, turning the camera in portrait mode and stitching images together in post. That being the case I could use the 45 as a travel lens also.

If you need an angle of view wider than what you'll get with a 45mm lens, then get the zoom. Stitching a few portrait-orientation images into a landscape-orientation image is not a practical substitute. To do it properly, you need some equipment, composing and shooting are trickier, and in an outdoor setting you have to deal with inevitable motion between frames. Working with the files is also more challenging; when I stitch 3 portrait-orientation frames together I get a landscape-orientation picture with around 90 MP. That's manageable on my computer, but it's a factor.

Another consideration is what you mean by "landscape" photography. Are you referring to sweeping vistas, like the samples Left Eye showed in the post above? If so, a lens with a shorter focal length than 45mm is essential. However, if you're more into "intimate landscape" then 45mm is a very useful focal length; it's my "wide normal".

I can usually confirm what focal lengths I actually need by analyzing my Lightroom catalogue. When I do that, I'm reminded that I don't actually need an ultra-wide angle lens because I don't make those kinds of photographs. On a 33mm x 44mm sensor, 35mm is plenty wide for me.

45mm focal length on GFX 50R (SMC Pentax-A 645 45-85mm f/4.5)

35mm focal length on GFX 50R (SMC Pentax-A 645 35mm f/3.5)

I agree it depends on your style. I like shooting closer to the normal focal length

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