Full Frame Foveon sensor 2020 (Pt. 2)

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Re: Full Frame Foveon sensor 2020 (Pt. 2)

absquatulate wrote:

TN Args wrote:

absquatulate wrote:

DMillier wrote:

The SD9 was Sigma's first DSLR and Foveon sensor and it is reasonably competitive with cameras of the same era. Not completely - compared to something like a D100, it is a little agricultural and it is certainly not a speedy camera but it is not completely outclassed. It is what it is, a budget camera from a budget camera maker, yet it is not obviously outside the envelope for the class of camera.

I never had a SD10 so I can't comment on that model but by the time of the SD14, the paradigm of slow, sluggish weak performing cameras was established. And since then, other brands have dramatically improved responsiveness and shot to speed and AF systems. Sigma have made slow, steady improvements and the result it is today in performance terms they are better but relatively further behind than when they started.

Args' point stands, I think, and it is something that Sigma owners accept as one of the downsides.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, the data processing demands are clearly the bottle neck for Sigma foveon cameras, if they weren't they would have used sensors with more resolution and completely destroyed the resolution that any bayer camera is theoretically capable of. A 50mp foveon sensor would wipe the floor with any bayer camera and give Sigma a huge advantage in terms of resolution, the fact they haven't done it is almost certainly due to the computing requirements of such a sensor, and the software required to process the raw files.

It's because the IQ would have been awful due to tiny pixels and noise. If it was all about computation, nothing stopped them from producing a 100 MP Foveon camera with one-shot-only capability, 30 second blackout between shots, and a huge battery in a vertical battery grip. The lunatic fringe who don't give a toss about performance would revel and delight in owning such a persnickety camera. In fact, if computation is the real limiting factor, they could have produced a camera that simply saves raw data without any computation, and displays a rough 2MP live view for composition only. The fringe dwellers would have been ecstatic.

Epic rant, even if it is a load of nonsense.

There are many engineering constraints and tradeoffs that are in play, not just size of data or pixels. It isn't so simple. Heat produced, chip fab manufacture and design....

I'm fine with accepting the downsides of the foveon sensor, the resolution is more than enough for me,

So a 50 MP Foveon would "wipe the floor with any Bayer camera", but not in your eyes/needs?

I don't need 50mp, others would love it.

and the colour is just better to my eyes, I can live with the trade-offs no problem, because they're generally over-exaggerated IMHO. I don't need a camera to operate like greased lightning, and the deliberate way of shooting suits me more anyway.

Funny/ironic that the resolution is the strong point and the colour has tended to be a bit off and the cause of issues.


Colour is always subjective, my SD Quattro has perfect colour to my eyes, no complaints from me.

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