Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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Re: Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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See here for a good source:

Not. The guy is a charlatan...

I do not wish to discuss such a topic here. Especially from a discussion from 4 years ago with just a few participants. What I know is that I apply some of his recommendations and methods and obtain good results.

Here's some more recent discussions for you then...

Or how about his weird ideas that you need the aperture to be larger than the pupil of your eye to be useful for astrophotography?

Look at the excellent images 01Ryan10 has posted in this thread with apertures smaller than your dark adapted pupil.

This is more of the type of discussion "you said I said" etc, with no meaningful conclusion. Clearly some topics are polarized. I have no interest in the details. To me, I started applying some of his recommendations and I like the results. Simple.

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