I wanna try a range finder style camera... But on a budget.

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Re: How come?

Keithpictures wrote:

But if I was left-eye dominant, I would without question pursue the many SLR flagships.

Just out of interest, I'm a left eye shooter and love the X-Pros as they leave me more space to reach the controls on the right side of the camera. The X-Ts are too tight for me. I've recently bought an X-H1 which is pretty good as the eye piece extends a little way from the body so I'm not so squashed.

Anyway, to answer the OP.. you can find X-Pro1 bodies going for around €300 here in Italy which I think is a bit of a bargain. The files it produces are really nice. It's not a rapid shooter though.. you need to take one-shot-at-a-time like back in the film days (which perhaps is no bad thing). With a small prime mounted they are extremely discreet and easy to just sling over the shoulder. Same goes for the X-Pro2 which is much faster but obviously more expensive. Sweet camera though. I use it for most of my travel assignments.


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