Z 50: Never Ever Shoot Video Using Standard

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Z 50: Never Ever Shoot Video Using Standard

The "Standard" Picture Control is extremely contrasty, crushing blacks.

Here are three ungraded 4K frame grabs of the same subject under the same lighting shot with Standard, shot with Flat, and shot with a custom log-like Picture Control styled after the one in https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63529293 (BeatLog-II):




Look at the hair on the doll in the Standard frame - all detail is lost, crushed, never to be recovered. The hair detail is there in the other two Picture Controls, with most detail in the log clip.

Now, of course, the ungraded clips are not what one wants either. So, how does the log-like Picture Control look when graded?

Here is a short 4K video that first shows clips shot in Standard (ugh!) and then my graded clips shot with the log-like control of the same scenes (there is even a focus pull). If you don't like my graded "look", of course you can always increase contrast or color or whatever you like, even make them look like Standard. But, there is not much you can do with the Standard clips.

And if you prefer the Standard look, that's ok.

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