Where do you buy vintage lenses? (actual stores)

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Re: Where do you buy vintage lenses? (actual stores)

TheSeer wrote:

Won't the postage cost nearly as much as a cheap lens though if one orders from another continent?

Yes, but it's offset by the different cost of living of the places, supply (abundance or lack of abundance) and demand.I just bought a Pentacon 135/2.8 in good shape from UK at $37 with $22 shipping....not seen one in such good condition in the USA. Being in the USA, supply of Nikkon, Canon, Minolta and other brands is almost unlimited, but DDR, West Germany of Japanese centric lenses isn't great. I try to limit internation as much as possible, but find some lenses sell for $270 or $27...the lens may be worth around $150. If you hurry, you pay $270. If you wait maybe you pay $27 + international shipping. Also, since many avoid some of the countries, the prices are even lower. I pay the shipping cost, but if I sell, even though I probably lose money, I have a lot more people willing to buy these lenses that are US based. Or that was my rationale. I did buy some overpriced lenses too where I wasn't patient enough.

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