M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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Re: M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

Dexter75 wrote:

Gnine wrote:

Yes. Exactly what I see. Very Orange looking skin tones. I guess if you're tuned to Canon red/orange, they might look okay.

If you cant see the difference in skin tones between these two photos and how awful the Panasonic is with the exact same light setup, I dont know what to tell you except have your eyes checked.

Sorry, but the exposure between those 2 shots is a lot different. At least half a stop by eye. Or more. This affects colour rendition.

Oh, and there's no doubt different cameras render jpegs differently. Even within the same brand. My GX8 is quite different to my G9. Three same is true on Canon land. The EOSM 1 & 2 are quite different to the 3. The 5D4 is different to the previous versions.

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