Why Are People So Close Minded?

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Why Are People So Close Minded?

I was going to say why are FUJI shooters so close minded but then I thought about it and I thought that was too “close minded” because I think this happens in general, so in that sense I will try to be open minded and include (all) threads here 😁

My question is why are there so many people here in these threads, and yes, here in the Fuji forum getting so upset and strongly disagree about certain camera products when it comes to size and weigh and stuff? Sometimes It sounds like a bunch of little elementary school kids here πŸ˜€

Why do people try to dictate what Fuji shouldn’t do or what product would be a failure as if they worked for Fuji and knew what works or doesn’t work? I mean, man look at how much Fuji has grown and how they have provided some pretty amazing technology and advanced in AF alone in a handful of years. Remember the XE1/XPro1 AF? 😬

Why do people get so grumpy and start fighting of the thought of making a bit bigger cameras or even if they announced that they have decided to make a FF? There are so many different type of photographers doing so many different applications with different shooting styles so why what’s the problem?

You expect Fuji to make tiny itty bitty cameras for ever? Are you aware that there are a lot of photographers out there that don’t like Fuji’s cameras? That’s right. I know a few.

There are different size of washing machines and so many vehicle types in so many different shape and size, do you guys also fight about stuff like that? 😁

A certain thread that talked about Fuji making a camera a certain size and shape got a lot of people upset and a lot of disagreements.

Look, I’m not a Fuji or another camera brand employee so I have no clue about what products are being made and stuff, BUT, one thing I do know is that in the electronics world ANYTHING is possible.

You guys remind me of all those “no D400” years. Yes, for years Nikon people fought and argued big time about that hahahaha! πŸ˜‚ and yes the majority, including myself, said there won’t be a D400.

Well, technically speaking they didn’t get a D400, they got a D500 instead because I guess the 4 is bad luck.

After that I simply learned to keep my mouth shut and not agree or disagree to the point of acting or fighting like a little kid. Yeah anything is possible πŸ˜‰

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