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Photography pet peeve #1? Landscapes!

If I had to give a rating to my photography pet peeves, #1 would be landscape photography. All of it. It just sucks (for me), and is the reason I don't do them anymore. I'd show an example, but I'm pretty sure I deleted them all, but I think I can describe the problem and many would be able to relate.

The Pet Peeve:

You take your family to the GRAND CANYON. It is beautiful, capped with snow, and because you are a photographer, you are naturally there at sunset with the beautiful glow of the Arizona sun setting below the horizon. You take a zillion photos on your tripod, and can't wait to show to your friends the majestic view of the canyon and rivers below.

I bet you know what I am going to say next. Yep, not one of the photos look anything remotely like majestic. Once seen on the monitor or worse, PRINTED, it looks like - well crap. I've been to the Grand Canyon at least half a dozen times. Number of keepers of the canyon: ZERO.

Not saying its impossible - lots of people obviously make a good living selling Grand Canyon photos. But for me, this is pet peeve #1 so much so I no longer take landscape pics to avoid the inevitable disappointment.

Am I wrong?

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