Full Frame Foveon sensor 2020 (Pt. 2)

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Re: Full Frame Foveon sensor 2020 (Pt. 2)

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target5 wrote:

For me, the fundamental thing is that is based on 1:1:1 original classic three equal layer Foveon tech, not Quattro and not Bayer.

The only thing good about that is you would get a camera with the charm of the old SD camera models with modern resolution levels

Well I guess that is how the line of 'sentimental logic' thinking goes. But the SD1 for example had a character that was probably a side-effect of sensor failings that the FFF should not share. And the earlier models probably had a character born of sensor fabrication limitations and processor crudities and even SPP limitations.

We simply have to wait and see. Sigma may choose to deliberately 'bake in' some retro imaging style, to appease the squeaky wheel of their most 'religious' adherents. Or, and this would be more my wish, they stick to their state objective of "fundamental performance that gives everyone the opportunity to take the perfect photograph", and move forward by aiming at greater realism, instead of retro 'character', and getting ever further away from the past.


They already sort of do that with their classic color profiles. With some work, I think I could create a photoshop action that would simulate the old style. A lot of it has to do with default noise settings, shadow....color temps. All Sigmas have good micro-contrast (fp maybe not??), some models better than others. In general, I tend to get better looking photos the less I have to heavily process them.

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