M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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Re: M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

Dexter75 wrote:

fiddleseth wrote:

Yeah I noticed this with my GX85. Compared to Canon and Fujifilm the Panasonic colors are a bit more saturated and look sort of unnatural. The color mix tool in Lightroom can help with that. I switched to Fujifilm and now people look pale and unhealthy to me so I try to make those images look more like the Panasonic's. I think skin tones were slightly improved on the GX9, at least judging from some image samples I've seen.

Right. I’m betting the people who don’t see it have never shot with a Canon or other system that more accurately renders skin tones. I shouldnt have to play with the colors in post to get useable images. That’s just not feasible when I’m dealing with up to a thousand photos on a shoot sometimes. There is a good reason so many portrait/wedding photographers shoot with Canon. I’ll probably rent one of the newer Olympus cameras and play with all the profiles and see if I can get one that will work straight out of the camera.

We see lots of complaints on the Sony forum about skin colours.  It turns out that I prefer Sony over Canon examples.  In any case, my images are whatever I add to the C1 Pro defaults.  The Canonistas who drop in to complain don't seem at all happy that anyone could like colours other than Canon ones.

The landscape equivalent is how clouds are rendered.  They have to look like photographs of clouds, not like real clouds.

I hope that you like Olympus jpegs, although I find that grass is too realistically green for my liking.  If you like Canon, maybe the solution is obvious.


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