M6 II and older glass, i.s. doesn't turn off.

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Standard behavior

dave vichich wrote:

Using the EF, EF-s adaptor, all of my i.s. lenses, the i.s. stays active while the camera is on, unless I press the menu button, or by switch, turn of the I,s, on the lens.

I thought maybe the newer firmware might clean it up, it didn't.

The lenses that I have are:

300 f2.8is version 1

100-400 version 1

24-105 version 1

18-135 EF-s

55-250 EF-s

Sigma 150-600c

Sigma 120-300 f2.8 - older version before the C and S lenses.

Anyone else having this go on?

The lenses work fine on the camera, but I can't believe letting the i.s. all the time is good for the lens.

This is standard behavior for all M series cameras starting with the M3.  People have been complaining about this odd IS behavior ever since that model debuted, but it continues on unchanged with no explanation from Canon.  I am not positive, but I believe the full frame R and RP also run the IS continuously.  Only the original M and M2 have typical DSLR behavior where IS would only be active after a half press of the shutter.

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