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I would like to know why BSI sensors are better with old lenses.

Here is the explanation:

BSI increases the active area as well as avoiding burying the detector in a deep hole, but that mostly just means it depends less on microlens qualities. The microlenses are still an issue, as is cover glass thickness.

The microlenses are cr*ppy, single-element, lenses, and they don't really focus all the colors to the same spot. You can tune the microlens placements (i.e., not have them regularly spaced) to compensate for rays coming in at unfortunate angles, but that only helps when the rays are as expected.

Thick cover glass actually does at least as much harm if it isn't modeled in the lens design... especially involving CA. Old lenses don't expect 4mm of glass in front of an MFT sensor.

And yet, good photos using old lenses are taken every day..... Amazing.

Did someone compared in practice photos taken with the same lens, with the same parameters, with sensors of similar size and MP, one being BSI and the other not? (and if possible with the same cover glass)

I wonder how much difference it makes.

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