"Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

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Re: "Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

JakeJY wrote:

OpticsEngineer wrote:

Right to repair is a pretty new concept for household goods. I don't know if any cameras are included. Just washers, refrigerators, dryers in the EU for example


Washers, dryers and fridges used to be designed to last a lot longer than they are now. Legislation became helpful for us consumers.

If I remember correctly there were Nissan cars that were being rendered unusable after three years when fuel tank filler tubes were breaking and Nissan was not making any replacement parts. So now there is legislation requiring car manufacturers continue making repair parts for some number of years after the last model is sold as new.

In the USA, I have heard of claims of 10 years for cars, but last time I searched I found no such law. The only laws I found is related to emissions equipment: 2 years / 24k miles for the car, and 8 years / 80k miles for a limited set of emissions parts. California has a 7 year / 70k mile that covers more emissions parts.


However, I have never found any real evidence of the 10 year requirement, especially as it relates to cars without any emissions equipment (like EVs). I believe cars that are recalled must have the recall parts available, but that's about it for the more general parts.

As for general consumer goods, I'm pretty sure there is no requirement at all for keeping a spare parts chain.

I could easily be wrong, but my understanding is that some government entities require a commitment to service before certain types of products are qualified for government purchase.   Governments can be large customers, so a company may make such a commitment in order to be able to sell to the government.

I could easily be mis remembering.  I don't have anything handy to back up where I got this idea.

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