Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S Lens Teardown

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Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S Lens Teardown

A few highlights:

  • Neat flexes running directly where they’re heading placed in recessed channels in the barrel and thoroughly taped in place. Superb!
  • Nikon has clearly modernized and spent time and effort in making a clean, well-engineered layout for the electronics. I’ve been asking for that for years, and Nikon delivered.
  • Like the Canon RF lens, the Nikon uses pairs of rollers [for zoom], two in each slot. This should prevent any barrel sag in the extended position.
  • That yellow tape everywhere prevents any Loctite around the screws from getting down into the optical parts of the lens. Nicely done, Nikon. Very nicely done.
  • Another nice touch is Nikon has put line-up markings throughout the lens so that during reassembly, you know precisely how round pieces are supposed to line up.
  • Aaron found an almost invisible seam that indicated a possible makeup ring and using the rarely required thumbnail tool was able to remove it. That revealed the spanner slots in the front element, so it just unscrews from its seating. Props again, though, because being unable to see the seems is an indication of how precisely even these decorative parts are being made.
  • [but] For this lens, replacing a broken filter ring means a major disassembly to replace the front barrel. It will not be cheap.
  • Here’s a good shot of the adjustable collar for the mechanical aperture function (top center). This would be adjusted using an ‘occulter’ (basically a sized target) so the aperture is the proper diameter. There is also an electronic aperture control inside that makes the aperture even smaller if you stop the lens down — very elegant piece of engineering.

Main takeaways:

As you can probably tell from our struggles doing this disassembly, the Nikon Z lenses are very different than their legacy lenses. They’re also different than what we’ve seen from other manufacturers. That suggests Nikon Z lenses, like Canon R lenses, are a completely new optomechanical design, probably done entirely in-house.

The engineering itself is incredible in most ways. The neatly laid out and solidly adhered flexes reflect the careful design. The taping of every possible point that Loctite or anything else could get in the lens does, too. The design is logical and clean; the difficulties in the tear-down were ours. Now that we know our way around, disassembly won’t be bad at all.

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