"Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

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Re: "Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

tbcass wrote:

photonut2008 wrote:

Sure, and I can appreciate that, but to put it in perspective you can buy an "EX" condition D700 today at KEH for $468.36, which is 36 cents and the sales tax more than what I just paid to have my D800 reconditioned.

What does reconditioning entail?

Cleaning, realignment, and minor repairs.

Did they replace the shutter mechanism, possibly the most vulnerable part?

No. Also, I think the lens mount is the most vulnerable part because every time you bang the camera with a lens on it that can be damaged or misaligned. The shutter is an expensive part that does a lot of work inside the camera, but again what I see anecdotally are more electronic failures than shutter failures.

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