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Computational photography on compact camera's

Every time a new compact camera is announced on Dpreview or a comparison is made between smartphones and compact camera’s There are usually comments like this one:

D Gold “If the G5 X had computational capabilities, it could replace most high end cameras and beat any mobile phone, but alas, Canon, nor any other maker of FF and APS cameras is going to gut what is left of their sales of tank size cameras.”

Or this one:
Hellraiser “The future is in the computational photography. Camera makers should wake up.”

So I did a little research on the subject to understand what is meant by computational photography.

The following description summarizes the information I found best:
Computational photography is the use of computer processing capabilities in cameras to produce an enhanced image beyond what the lens and sensor pics up in a single shot. (

So creating a Jpeg from raw sensor data is already considered computational photography.

But that is probably not what the people in the comment section are talking about. (I actually don’t know what they mean by computational photography.)

When I’m thinking about computational photography on smart phones there are 3 technics that usually spring to mind. (there are many more but I think these are the most popular)

The first one is the blurring of the background. This one combines the info of two sensors to determine what is in the foreground and what in the background and then blurs the parts in the background

The other two are:

HDR. That combines several photographs with different exposures to get more dynamic range

Multi shot Noise reduction. That combines several photographs to reduce the noise in the final picture.

The first one is not possible because a compact camera (usually) has only one sensor. But the other two are possible.

Then why are camera manufactures not integrating these functions into their camera’s?
Well, they do. My Canon G9X II has both the HDR and the multi shot noise reduction. Both of these modes take several photos and combine them into one new image. Both of these modes do not require a tripod but can be shot hand held.

And if my G9 X II has these functions than the G7 X II & III and the G5 X II will have them as well. And since Canon is usually not the first to implement new technology I suspect that compact camera’s from other camera manufacturers will also be Equipped whit these or similar functions.

So I’m surprised that there are people that think that camera manufacturers do not implement Computational photography. But I’m even more surprised that nobody is correcting them.

I would if I could but I’m usually not I a position to directly post a comment or to react to comments on my comment.

So hopefully this post will end the discussion.

Canon G7 X II Canon G9 X Canon G9 X II Canon PowerShot G5 X
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