Water Tank/Background Mist

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Re: Water Tank/Background Mist

As someone else pointed out earlier, this photo comes across as a "documentary photo" displaying the tank and where it is roughly and nothing more to me as well.

For me, the composition just doesn't pop or have that "Wow" factor to it as is.

I am not a professional photographer, but a professional photographer friend once gave me some advice when in similar situations.

If I was tasked with photographing that tank and had plenty of time to experiment, I would follow my friend's advice and start out at a reasonable distance from the tank and take photos with different focal lengths and/or apertures while moving around the tank at the same distance from it.

After completing a circle, I would them move in closer and again take multiple shots with different focal lengths and apertures while walking around the tank as much as I feel is appropriate after the first circle.

I repeat moving closer and taking multiple photos while walking around as I feel necessary.

As I get closer I would also take some photos from low down looking up to get various angles/perspectives of the tank, again with multiple focal lengths and apertures.

Then back at my computer, hopefully I would see at least one photo out of all that I took that has "Pop" and/or "Wow" sooc or with some post processing

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