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Re: Sony A7RII with A7II and a Z6 as close second choices.

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John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

Indeed - I could buy a refurbed Z6 for £1,250 or so at the moment from a reputable dealer here in UK. Not sure about Z7 - but the only thing I wasn't persuaded by in the Prof's original post was being able to extract an APS-C crop from 42 MP. Important for some, but not for me.

I have said in earlier threads that my A7II is the 'best' platform for adapted lenses I currently have, but it isn't my 'favourite' - largely a question of ergonomics. I've rejigged some of the buttons recently to make magnification easier to find with the camera to my eye, so I'm now a bit more comfortable with it. But I'm pretty sure I would like a Z6 better. I need to start doing some sums - what a Z6 would cost, how much I would get for my A7II, and is the difference worth it.

It helps a lot to program the custom buttons on the A7ii. With vintage manual lenses I like the fact that one can change a camera brand a bit easier than with a full AF lens setup. Don t forget to add the cost of the new adapters though.

The cost for new adapters is indeed a good argument. For me that would be a showstopper as I have plenty Minolta AF lenses which I do adapt on my A7R II with the LA-EA4. Furthermore I'm adapting almost any other MF lens with a Leica-M and the Techart AF adapter; i.e. I'm able to use any of my lenses with AF-assistance on my A7R II.
No need to magnify anything for focusing.

I have 10 K&F Concept adapters, to buy the same for a new mount would cost me around 250 eur, so not that irrelevant but not very expensive either. I usually always buy a second hand camera, i like the prospect the i ll be able to add a Nikon Z or Canon RF body in 3, 4 or 5 years for less than 1000 eur including the cost for the new adapters.

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