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Re: Sony A7RII with A7II as a close second choice

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Which are your favorite cameras, from a usability view point, to use adapted manual focus lenses?

The Sony A7RII is really the sweet spot as I see it.

It's FF, with an excellent 42MP sensor (which is even enough in an APS-C crop), has IBIS, silent shutter, and even supports PlayMemories/OpenMemories camera apps. It's also significantly cheaper than the alternatives -- and so are all the old lens adapters you could ever want for it. The A7II is also an outstanding choice, but 24MP FF isn't really enough in APS-C crop mode, no electronic-only shutter, and 4K video.

Put bluntly, you can argue about ergonomics and personal preferences, but in terms of capability for making top-quality images with a wide range of old lenses, only the much more expensive Nikon Z7 and Sony A7RIV really beat it.

The A7R II is indeed the best choice and therefore also my recommendation.
The later models A7R III and IV don't really add much for the adaption of old MF lenses.

The A7 II wouldn't be my second choice. The old sensor design isn't really good for the usage of RF lenses and the image quality is simply far better from the 42MP sensor when you compare the pictures at same output size from both models.

With APS-C sensor my most favorite camera is still the Ricoh GXR-M as it was exclusively developed for the usage of MF lenses and it also performs best with wide angle RF lenses of any age. Still my preferred set when on the move and when the weight and size of the camera equipment is an issue.

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