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Re: Sony A7RII with A7II as a close second choice

ProfHankD wrote:

Belgarchi wrote:

Which are your favorite cameras, from a usability view point, to use adapted manual focus lenses?

The Sony A7RII is really the sweet spot as I see it.

It's FF, with an excellent 42MP sensor (which is even enough in an APS-C crop), has IBIS, silent shutter, and even supports PlayMemories/OpenMemories camera apps. It's also significantly cheaper than the alternatives -- and so are all the old lens adapters you could ever want for it. The A7II is also an outstanding choice, but 24MP FF isn't really enough in APS-C crop mode, no electronic-only shutter, and 4K video.

Put bluntly, you can argue about ergonomics and personal preferences, but in terms of capability for making top-quality images with a wide range of old lenses, only the much more expensive Nikon Z7 and Sony A7RIV really beat it.

I absolutely agree, to use vintage lenses for what they where designed to cover.I have the A7II.

I ll add the programmable custom buttons. In my case C2 for magnification (personally i also programmed C3 for it when i tilt the camera into portrait), C4 for peaking, central button for focal length selection, scroll to select the fl press and that s it,

And i also add the good range of adjustment for farsightedness in the viewfinder for some of us this can be important.

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