M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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At least with the GH-2, but not the G9

My wife has a very pale complexion, and the GH-2 could seemingly see right through her skin! I could see quite a difference in skin tone on the camera preview and computer no matter the white balance, and what was in front of me. Blotchy red-ish complexion on the camera that to my eye, was much smoother and paler.

I would need to turn down the reddest red adjustment in LR to help with it, but then the photo would just look weird.

The G9 does not experience the same thing.

It is not white balance, but I assumed the ability to be very sensitive to longer-wavelength reds which we don't as readily see with our eyes, a broader spectrum of reds all squeezed into the red channel. She looked much "blotchier" on the GH-2, so I tended to avoid taking her picture, our I would never hear the end of it!

The G9... lovely. No problems. So far no complaints from my sweet self-conscious wife.

Hmmm, if I could get away with sharing her picture without hurting her feelings, I would take some side-by-sides in the same lighting to show what I mean. It was especially bad under some indoor lighting scenarios. One of a few reasons I retired the GH-2 and started looking for a new camera.

If I were to guess, the spectral response of red on the G9 is much aligned with our natural sight in reds. Probably true with the Olympus cameras as well.

The cynic in me thinks that the reds on old m4/3 sensors were extended to improve low-light sensitivity.

p.s. My son, who is Korean adopted, has naturally more brown to his skin. The GH-2 was perfectly fine with him. Never noticed anything odd or different from my eye. Just my wife.

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