M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

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Re: M43 cameras and blotchy red skin tones

Dexter75 wrote:

There has been some confusion regarding the photos I had posted to start this thread. Those are not my photos, just photos I found online searching for portraits taken with Panasonic and Olympus cameras. Here are some of mine and examples of problems I was having...

Here are two taken with the GX85 with different WB settings, both look terrible

Here is the same model under much worse indoor lighting conditions with my 6D and even this looks a ton better than above

Finally, here is how those shots on the white background above should look. Same light set up...

Maybe its user error and I should have had the GX85 set to something other than the Standard profile, but the standard profile on any other camera Ive used seems to work just fine and doesn't produce those terrible skin tones.

OK, this is going to be interesting since there's a lot to work with. What I'm seeing now is low color contrast in the Panasonic shots. Purely my opinion, but I always felt the the reds or skin tones to be a bit dull with a Panasonic. (On the other hand, I prefer it that way.) Red is more "Canon". Since you're working in JPEG, there's a bit too much "smoothing" for my taste.

So, this can be solved. Try the Vivid setting. It's not my favorite but it's worth a try if you're shooting JPEG. You didn't mention what software you're using for post, but you'd want to tweak the red (magenta/yellow) contrast curve.

I can't comment on Sony, since I haven't worked with a Sony in a while.

Skin tones are "tough" because each camera maker dials them in slightly differently. I noticed the "red thing" because I bounced between my Panasonic's and the office or crew's  Canon or Nikon (I work with whatever I have in my hand.)

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