Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

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Re: Favorite cameras for adapted lenses

moedius wrote:

I can't really comment on favorites, as I haven't used adapted lenses with enough bodies to make any useful comparisons.

I am interested in hearing these opinions however, particularly in regards to m4/3. I picked up a GF7 for almost nothing as a 'family camera' before the holidays (nobody but me liked the NEX5R apparently). The GF7 fulfils that purpose admirably with the kit lens, but I found it lacking when adapting. The peaking\mag features are nice but little things about the handling make it challenging for all but the smallest lenses (Pentax 110 18mm is about perfect!) and the screen isn't good enough to make up for the lack of EVF. So I've been mulling over other used M43 bodies.

I am a GM5 fan (still) even though I have other camera bodies that I quite like.

The evf might be small but it is adequate - I would not like to be using the GF7 without evf.

With eye to evf the view can be magnified (like most Panasonic cameras with touch screen) by a simple thumb-dab <<anywhere>> on the lcd.  As the evf is small the full screen magnification should be set as a magnified centre patch is useless (as I would readily agree).

Method - using evf - compose full screen - thumb dab - screen magnifies - check and adjust focus - focus peaking is good.  Soft press and the screen is full frame again to re-check composition - another thumb dab and you can be back in magnified evf screen should you so wish.  Work flow is good.  Only the flip/flop of the Ricoh GXR-M with soft press alternating full screen and lift off giving magnified view is better conceived.

I also have no issues with all sorts of lens sizes.  The GM5 can easily handle electronic adapters for EF mount lenses - Metabones adaptors work best including focal reduction.

Just support the larger lenses with your left hand - same technique as a dslr ...

The only real issue I have found is with large telephotos is where they have a tight focus action where the torque exerted makes the right hand grip on the camera body uncomfortable - even worse when combined with a very long focus throw.

These are “proper” full function cameras simply made small.  To do this many user conveniences needed to be left out.  A sort of trade-off of IBIS, articulated screen, high performance video - just for full basic camera performance in a camera body just the size of a pack of cards.

All the Panasonic bodies taken as a group have the advantage of a well thought out interface that has remained very similar across a range of bodies for some time.  Obviously looking for a standard set of control locations, but not quite there as of yet.

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