Twinning project ( continued)

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Gerry Siegel
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Re: Twinning project (latest update..test pair, completed and they are stereoscopic..)

Twinned GX 7 with radio frequency shutter synch and added rubber 46 mm hoods Vello 4" siamese  plate on grip

Gerry Siegel wrote:

I admire the ingenuity on this forum, Zeev. Printing a zoom Yoke *connector like that, for instance.

So many ways to link up two cameras. In my dog eared stereo book from the 1950s, Make Your Own Stereo author says he felt two paired cameras ( Robot motorized with German lenses, big buck item) was his ultimate answer to great stereo. It was early time for the well heeled European mostly....until we got the Realist and even then not a cheap hobby.

I started as a kid then with two Kodak box cameras belted together. And by george it worked.

I could not believe that two images could fool the brain and produce depth. Wow I thought, now this is photography at its best. I still do.

* it is acceptable of course to yoke together two Olympus cameras : - ( wink)

Synchronization is not so tough. I use two of the B and H vello units with cords to fit the Panasonics. The first one I had bought for another purpose was top heavy, and the Vello brand makes a series of flat extenders ( actually a stiff plastic) with a solid brass shoe. Now I use the Vello RF unit in hand to get the focus ( green light) and then shutters released ( green light). I have added a flat slider I bought some time ago from George Themelis to brace the whole kaboodle and it lowers center or gravity and will allow tripod mounting,

My toughtest part will be 1) getting the two images aligned. I can either learn Windows 10 and use SPM or-to my mind a sweeter idea- learn how to do alignment for card or free viewing with my MAC version of Photoshop Elemtents...Brian of UK does it so I need to consider same.

I guess it will keep me off the streets for a while yet.....aloha, Gerry

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