Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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Re: Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

I have used the 10-24 for star trails, quite successfully. I suppose you could use it with stacking.  I haven’t looked at it’s coma characteristics, though.

i have used the Laowa 9, Rokinon 12, Fuji 14, Fuji 23 f2, Fuji 35 f2, Fuji 35 f1.4, Samyang 35 f1.2, Fuji 56, samyang 85 f1.8.

Laowa, decent, better stopped down to f4 and stacked a lot

Rokinon 12, good, but better stopped down to 2.8. Coma at f2.

fuji 14, decent, coma in corners at f2.8, stop down to f4 and stack.

fuji 23 f2, has to be stopped down to 2.8 or even f4 with stacking.

fuji 35f2, 35 f1.4, blech

samyang 35 f1.2 pretty good stopped down some

fuji 56, stop it down to at least f2.8

samyang 85f1.8 pretty decent wide open.

for me, the big killer is coma and then astigmatisms. Anything that makes the stars not round and pinpoint. CA can be fixed...

Another way to deal with coma is shoot wider and crop and do pianos f you want wider with the overlap taking out the coma at the edges...

Stacking is your friend.

I’ve played with tracking but not enough to really comment.


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