Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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Re: Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

01Ryan10 wrote:

So...I wouldn't say I'm an expert on this matter in terms of technical reasons. In a previous post "Tommmmm" answered the light gathering question really well concerning different focal lengths.

What I will say is this....If all you're going to do is display astro landscapes or DSOs on Facebook or Instagram, then you have many options. Viewers don't really care about winged coma in the stars on the corner of images. We, the photographers, care the most about corners and aberrations.

With that said, I care to a level that gets kind of silly. I really should be shooting an A73 or GFX for the astro landscapes I want to create, but I am stubborn and don't want to switch to a different system. I seek the utmost perfection of stars to the extreme corners of my images, because...I PRINT LARGE, (up to 36" on the long end), and that's where "ugly" stars on the corners start to rear their ugly heads.

I push my X-T2 to the extreme with my astroscapes by using a tracking mount and stacking exposures as well. All of the images below are examples of different lenses with tracked and stacked skies. The noise is nearly non existent, and the corners of the images have nearly zero aberrations.

X-T2 and 16mm F/1.4 @ F2.8

X-T2 and Rokinon 12mm F/2 @ F/2.8

X-T2 and Rokinon 21mm F/1.4 @ F/2

I am currently in the market of trying to buy a 2nd hand Fuji 8-16mm. I read nothing but great things of this lens, even at F/2.8.

Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing! Mind if I ask how long you tracked, type of tracker, and how many exposures you stacked? Also, how do you get the starburst on jupiter at such a wide aperture? Do you take one long exposure at a narrow aperture?

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