DSLR and lens for low light action

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Re: DSLR and lens for low light action

You sound as if you know what you're doing which is a good thing. My trouble with multiply range or zoom lenses is that I'm too use to fixed or prime lenses which forces me to walk around a bit more. It would be nice if the zoom lenses have a locking feature which would turn the zoom into a prime this way one could gain the the full range needed yet fix the lenses for these special events. if you're going manual focus, mark the lens at different intervals or lengths and be careful not to move the lens around too much while shooting this is one reason if you watch these types of events, semi-pro to pro photographers use fixed lenses on particular cameras. if you're shooting an indoor event, might be a good idea to scope out the location or one similar just to get a feel of what range you're needing. 85mm is a good range for portraits but ideal for sporting events. Also this would depending on where you're shooting from. if you're allowed to be around the outer edge of the court then 85mm should be enough. But I would hold 100mm just in case you're pushed back from the access areas of the court or pool. This could mean your whole setup would be wrong if the staff or host of the event limited your shooting range.

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