Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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Re: Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography


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The problem with using long focal lengths in astro photography though is that the star movements will blur quicker at longer focal lengths than wide focal lengths. So while you may be letting in more light, you will have blurry, messy looking stars.

At the same shutter speed, yes, ok.

Enter stacking - take many shots and stack them after. You will get much better results with stacking anyway.

Generally, the rule for "sharp" non blurry stars is exposure time = 500/focal length. Luckily here, there is no exponential function, so doubling focal length only halves the amount of exposure time for sharp stars (see Star trackers to avoid this).


Again stacking is fine, tracked, or untracked.

I don't have a tracker, so my experience is limited, but doesn't stacking only reduces noise caused when using high ISO or pushing exposure in post? It does not offer the same results to tracking stars using longer exposures?

Stacking increases S/N of the end result. For example: 10 shots at 60 sec each = 600 sec total exposure time. You can do without a tracker if your total time is reasonable, stacking software can handle a bit of movement of the stars.

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