"Obsolete" cameras: is it a serious concern?

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batteries for older cameras...

Obsolete digital cameras become orphans when the OEM manufacturer stops making batteries for them.

Now, it's Ok for the "old" Olympus E-M5.1, E-M1.1, ... because the newer EM5.2 and EM1.2 still use the BLN-1 battery type. Same for the E-PL1, 2, 3, 5, ...7+ and E-M10.1, 10.2, ... because the Olympus BLS-5 batteries are still available.

But, AFAIK, there are no EOM (or Watson brand) batteries made for the Panasonic G1, GF1, G2, GH1 and, nor for the GX1 and G3. These are seriously orphan cameras. (Panasonic should be more responsible and continue making/selling those batteries).

No new battery is much worse than no service because cameras which are perfectly functional need fresh batteries after a few years.

P.S.: Cheap "no name" batteries or fake "genuine" are not a good replacement. Well... I have had no good experience with fake/cheap batteries yet !

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